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Uncover the mystery of your deepest purpose in life in one-on-one dialogues with John de Ruiter in the next interactive Zoom live stream.

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Gently Receding into the Deep

June 30, 2000 – Edmonton, Canada


“There is not any kind of more to look for – not of the wonderful darkness and not of the wonderful light. There is only room for your whole heart to be more relaxed, your whole heart being content to rest, the kind of heart rest where there is nothing within to do.”

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A Classic VOD: Gently Receding into the Deep
June 30, 2000 - Edmonton, Canada

August 8, 2021
@ 11:00AM MDT

We know the deep quiet of home is always there. We love its stillness, yet can’t seem to stay there. John shares how we become caught in expression, and the rhythm of being we could belong to instead. Can spiritual traditions or mantras help? He describes what stands in the way of all help, revealing the one, true, living mantra. It’s not heard in words, it’s ungraspable by the mind, but known in the heart.

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