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October 18, 2021 7:30 pm

Quietly Surrendered to Tenderness in the Midst of Your Broken Self

“When the sun is upon you, you love, but when the midnight sky is upon you, you don’t love. When the midnight sky is upon you, you are the quietude of love.”


Dialogue One

  • A heart-walk in the midst of anything; quietly surrender to tenderness
  • No truth-speak or knowledge-speak; words belong to tender meaning
  • You are fully loved, regardless of what you’re being


Dialogue Two

  • The midnight sky calls out of you what you were before
  • A higher level of heart drawing upon new depths of humanness
  • Wanting things; it’s sweet but won’t’ last; it’s short of what you are


All My Words Belong To This !

October 28, 2021

Do all my words belong to Tender Meaning rather than just more of the same malarkey in the world ? This meeting provides pointers in how to make that possible. May these little vessels called words only carry what’s deeper than my heart ! My words are not my own, they are just another part of me that belong to the quietude of love. This is what’s real and what matters. Anything else in me can tenderly stop for everyone’s benefit ! Thankyou John

VOD Duration: 100 Minutes