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March 7, 2021 7:30 pm

Under Pressure: Staying True to the Plumb Line Within

“In the midst of anything in your self and in life that comes up you can be intimacy, you can be intimate or you can deal with pressure. You can manage, control – successfully or not – or you can be intimate.”


  • Alignment: true to the plumb line in every little thing; stillness within
  • Difficulty reveals lack of development; pressure reveals false allegiance
  • Unframed intimacy; you can love or you can manage and control
  • Personal sovereignty leads to protection over your heart
  • The protective will; the key to what holds illusion together
  • Let the truth within that you directly know have you and take you
  • Oriented to the real: be together even where you think and feel you are not

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VOD Duration: 115 Minutes
Holly R., Alon S., Marthe E.