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January 17, 2021 11:00 am

Unconditionally Given to Intimacy: Beyond Support and Healing

“If you let your thinking, your feeling, your emotions and your will all exist in openness and softness into your deeper heart, your little self will die, replaced by a deeper self and a higher self, an unpolarized self, a self that is like your being.”


* Online Interactive Livestream

  • To follow through, follow in; being the sameness is your way in
  • A life of unconditional willingness to your deeper heart
  • The particulars of your life given to your deeper and higher self
  • A stream of being is for connectivity, not healing
  • Union and communion: for me to have you and you to have me
  • Unprotected intimacy; the greater the pressure the more it lives
  • Intimacy digests and converts everything into what’s deeper and higher

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VOD Duration: 75 Minutes