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November 1, 2020 7:30 pm

Unanimity in Form: John Speaks of the Origin of His Turning

“It’s by virtue of what I am now that I am able to do what I do now. I was always what I am. I wasn’t always able to do what I am. To do that was developmental, by virtue of being what I am in my self as it is, and in life as it is.”

* Online Interactive Livestream

  • Core relaxation loves: the intention to love isn’t love
  • Walking it requires unanimity; it is love given form
  • The way back: I erased all self matter of its personal importance
  • I wondered to the core, I knew, and turned into what I knew
  • Presence not dependent on cognition, able to do what that is
  • Even if I had dementia, I’d still keep doing what I’m doing
  • I’m building balance in the unseen – and then you, if I may

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VOD Duration: 122 Minutes
Valerie O.