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March 8, 2021 11:00 am

The Tiniest Smile Within: An Inner Code, A Whole Different World

“Find the tiniest, tiniest smile within. The smaller it is, the deeper it is. The beingness of that smile has nothing to do with anything that’s in your head.”


  • Hold lightly what you do; be focused on the movement of your interior
  • Dwelling in and coming from your deepest heart, in difficulty and in peace
  • Relinquish doing, achieving, perfecting; flowing in what’s home to you
  • Find the tiniest smile within; life is about you moving as a being
  • Attuning to a different code; entering a different reality
  • What we are in this is baby to baby; it’s natural to what you really are

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VOD Duration: 114 Minutes
Nikki N., Brent Q., Helena S.