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January 1, 2021 2:30 pm

The Real Thing: Into the Origin of Everything

“Everything you think you’re in control of, everything you think you have, no matter how illusory, it’s all a promise of the real. But it requires a key: that being given over to being divisible by absolutely nothing.”


* Online Interactive Livestream

  • Taken over and obliterated by it, and there you really are
  • It does magical things to matter: it will make rocks talk
  • What is before animates it, but that alone is the real thing
  • All power given away within comes back out, fulfilling what was given
  • The analogy of the two pianos; when there’s no player, there’s room for her
  • Unknown love has all of it, and only nothing, intimate, is welcome to it
  • As you are less than this, this all multiplies; that’s how you move

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VOD Duration: 94 Minutes
Vistara C.

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“It is beyond a dream but not beyond you.” An awe-inspiring teaching from 2009, packed with the immense opportunity we have right now, as the deep presses in, to enter the mysteries of being in this world and become the kind of self that can enter what is greatly ahead of our time.