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February 7, 2021 11:00 am

The Quietude of Love, The Language of the Soul

“The only thing that affects your soul is your direct response to knowledge, profound knowledge, a core level of knowledge. That’s what feeds your soul. When you turn away from that core level of knowledge your soul diminishes. It devolves. Of all of your forms seen and unseen, your soul matters the most.”

  • Beingness doesn’t relate to achievement or goals
  • You are the tenderness within; no need for others’ acceptance
  • The way into what you really are; attuning to the beloved within
  • What is the soul, where is it and what is its language?
  • Really knowing your self: absorbed into subconscious and unconscious self
  • Leaving your innocence; the root system of resistance
  • From awareness confined to awareness freed: relaxed within, you are love

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VOD Duration: 66 Minutes