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March 7, 2021 11:00 am

The Purification of Your Conscience, The Evolution of Your Soul

“The key to your deepest heart is you, you trusting what you most deeply know the truth of unconditionally, at any personal expense. You turning that key instantly heals you: heals your heart, heals your conscience, heals your self, heals your mind. It’s a masterkey. You need no other keys.”


  • All sensitivity has to do with your self, not your being
  • What is the conscience? What distorts it or cleans it?
  • The condition of your conscience is the bedrock of mental health
  • Pressure is the key to seeing illusion in your self
  • Oriented to the sun, within, whether it shines on you or not
  • Sitting on the sacred ground of the truth within
  • The ego: what it is and what dissolves it
  • A reflection of baptism: when human beingness washed into you

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VOD Duration: 108 Minutes
Marion F., Eva D., Aiste K., Dorte E.