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February 28, 2021 11:00 am

The Path Dissolves: Turning into the Truth Within

“As you relax within, the path dissolves and you naturally turn into what you have been looking for. You can’t acquire it; you can only turn into it. And it’s only an authenticity of awareness that can turn into the truth within.”

  • Healing the split, within; opening and softening is a universal truth
  • No path takes you to your innermost; fundamental rest, within, is real
  • Awareness relaxed becomes honest to what it really is
  • Stepping out of your door and into your life from within your love
  • A blessed heart-attack: a sweet crumbling and an invitation to see again
  • Melting in your heart is your love
  • Instead of regretting, kiss

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VOD Duration: 67 Minutes
Alex S., Curd R., Amitabh T., Malcolm H., Bianca H.