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Rated 5 out of 5
June 30, 2021 2:30 pm

The Life of Life: Intimately Connected by Unseen Love

“Love is the life of life, its essence, and if you’re being it, the meaning.”

  • The purpose of the universe: to consciously be the same as what made it
  • Givenness is flow; self-generated movement is artificial
  • Relationships and bonds: being your own or given to intimate connectivity?
  • The flow of the origin fills life, fulfilling responsibilities
  • When love anywhere moves, love everywhere responds
  • Awareness in relaxed alignment within at any personal cost

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Rated 5 out of 5
October 7, 2021

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Intimately Dependent Together

Rated 5 out of 5
July 21, 2021

All the Universe is as equally dependent on it’s origin as we were as a fetus during our gestation, intimately dependent in the womb ! My relationships are all a feast for a much deeper bond, not my own to be manipulated for pleasure or pain but food for the unseen and unknown flow of origin. That delicate living flow of the magical is here and I’m a part of it. This is the introduction of the most precious desire of my heart and it’s for Real ! Thank you John and Rishi

VOD Duration: 81 Minutes

Q1: Hi John.
John: Hello.
Q1: I want to continue from where you ended in the last session, when I spoke about the vibration that’s come from before into existence, but I want to start maybe a little slower and just warm up with you. Since this seminar started I’m feeling some light, something is burning. I’m on fire and I like it and I love it, and it really moves me. Now in the gap I thought in the physical, one role is that nothing can move without material in the world. And it made me think that consciousness is already material. Is it?
John: (Nods.)
Q1: You move us, yes. We move on consciousness level. We move on this net. It’s so good to be moved. It happened to me after that some weeks before I tried to cut off all the connections I have in this world just to check what happens inside. Again, I’m so happy to know you know me. And now I want to go to the point that I’m in. Now when you spoke about it, it immediately kicks me. It happened because I ask my self: “okay, what is the purpose of creation?” It’s like going back to the first question, but today in my place, in my awareness, I really went into this research, just looking around at nature. What is the reason of all? And I ask this question because sometimes when I hear you say this is like you’ve been before, you come into this world, to the body, like you’re going to be right after you die, but probably it’s not the same and you spoke about it as well, yes, but I asked and I said “okay. What is the reason of all? Because I am part of this movement.” And it comes, also, because I think that sometimes we human beings take freedom too far out of the frame of the purpose of everything, and while I was thinking about this, and I said “okay, love is there but it’s not love. Love is not the purpose. Love is the engine. Love is the meaning, and the purpose …” and there’s something I want to share with you and to hear from you. It’s more about, same like I want to know more, I ought to be humble in this because I can’t really know to speak from creation or above, but it’s almost like this is the start because it wants to know more. It’s all about knowing more. The movement comes to know, and love is the engine. Love is the meaning. So it all starts because it wanted to know itself in everything in this creation, so provided the ability to return knowing. Am I in the area? I see it in kids that want to know more, a very simple way, and I see it in me with you. And what is the reason for all?
John: The purpose of the universe is to consciously be what it comes from. To be the same as what it comes from. It’s free to become the same. Any other freedom taken is a mistaken freedom.
Q1: Still, movement brings change. Everything that moves brings change. It cannot stay the same. It can stay the same in the essence, but not in all the rest. It almost like makes me feel more the space and the move, more than time. Everything is in the space and moves. It’s difficult for me to get that everything moves just because. It didn’t miss anything before when it all started? There was no lack, no passion, no overwhelming? The creation actually is an extension of origination; it’s coming from something that was before.
John: And with all that it’s given, it has then the power to be its own, or the power to belong-to. Intimate dependency. Intimate, complete dependency until it becomes the same.
Q1: Dependent on the rules that hold this universe? Depending…
John: Dependent on what made it.
Q1: It’s okay, John, when I’m…
John: In that dependency, it immediately moves as love. So on that level it’s already the same.
Q1: According to this, between birth and death, something you spoke some days ago, and I also had some conversation with you in the previous talk, what would you, what will really matter if we do it with the heart, with the reason of everything, with love, so either we’re going to get more energy during this short life-time or we might use the fuel and stay empty, later. I don’t feel this is the situation I am in, in this journey with you, but I can see it around. So as you say creation should be same thing like origination, can we be first the same as creation and later as origination, or can we go direct to be the same as origination? We have access to this strong potency?
John: Relaxed, yes. Relaxed naturally turns you into given. The universe comes from givenness. Relaxed, it moves as the same: given. As soon as you’re in your heart you cannot help but give. When you are in your heart you move as givenness. It isn’t a cognitive awareness; the givenness is fundamental to awareness.
Q1: I think about this giving. It’s not only active. It doesn’t mean that to give means to be active. It doesn’t need my, always my manifesting in the physical level, or it is…
John: Givenness is a flow. It’s not an activity.
Q1: Right.
John: Moved into the self, it can have the appearance of an activity, but it’s flow in form.
Q1: It must go with the same, same like existence takes care of our planet, for example. It’s the same, same attitude, same like the planet, you know, always take care, and it’s more about caring. I don’t know why it feels like this is the first of these things. It’s like I understand this flow you mean. I cannot also say because I cannot give anymore now to anyone. This is my state I am. I cannot give. I don’t feel I can give. I don’t feel I’m giving. I just feel that when I am really present, it affects many people around me and everything around me. This is something I think becomes stronger and stronger, this understanding, and also this attractive activity I recognize in this state you are speaking on. I talked about this also today because actually I am speaking with you all the day, yes. Today, my morning is your midnight so I was at the beach and I think about you and first I try to imagine you sleep. It was all difficult for me to imagine you sleep because you’re so awake for me, but then I saw you sleep and it was so sweet and, as a baby, but I ??? talk to you also in this. I really understand this, I wanted to say that I tried, I said “okay, I see that something really changed and I know this last one and a half years that we connect with you on this weekly, it’s really like a safety net, and it’s so incredible. Now I know maybe the age of the zoom is coming to an end or there’s a change later on, but then I thought maybe I feel this strength and this state because we are meeting you in this rhythm every week, and I thought it is. Every meeting, something links in and sinks in and changes something. You already changed me so far and I know that it’s almost like the beginning of something bigger. John, if I come back to this flow, because I think there’s something that comes from you to us. I hear it in many versions. By flowing, it will change something also in the bigger frame. It’s like a mother that sees the child act rightly. And she feels she gets something, she feels – I don’t want to say proud because it’s not proud – but when we flow, there is a returning back, or something that moves back. What I can already see about flowing, that flowing brings me to know more. But it doesn’t stay in my conscious awareness. I don’t know, it changes me but it doesn’t become knowledge.
John: When you flow, you’re being the same as what you come from. As soon as you flow, what you come from flows in you, giving you what you need to be the same. As soon as you move out on your own, believing that you are yours, everything you think you need has nothing to do with what you really are. When you move out on your own, in that movement, what you come from isn’t going to flow in you. So then your becoming will be self-generated, not reflective of what you really are, artificial, held together and not real. But as soon as you relax, you flow, and all that was self-generated and held together melts away.
Q1: It’s a process; it’s not a one shot, yes? It always becomes more of it. It might be that at the beginning there’s a small stream of flow and a moment of flow, and later on it’s like a ???. Or it’s more like black and white? Can it happen that someone starts to flow because he just gives up, without any understanding?
John: If it’s a warm giving up, yes.
Q1: Right.
John: If it’s cold, no. A cold giving up is a bitter self-ownership. A depression.
Q1: When you give up – you will not give up – when someone gives up, life gives up as well?
John: Deeper life fills you. In a warm giving up, innermost streams open and begin to fill you. With a warm giving up, love fills you.
Q1: It’s the same as you’ve said before, like you give your self to this, yes? You give your self.
John: Givenness to what you really are, which naturally leans into what it comes from. It isn’t a cognitive leaning-in. It’s fundamental to your core.
Q1: I’m wondering if it wasn’t supposed to be – I don’t want to say so difficult, because it’s not difficult – but still there are difficulties to join to this after we get used to another, maybe unreal life, but it might be that we are now passing through a evolution that changes this mechanism and will make it more easy, more clear. This, might be it now, a strong ….
John: Being from the inside out is easy. What becomes difficult is when you, even a little bit, don’t.
Q1: Yes. What I see now, it’s almost like there’s a river, a big river. When there are people that open, the river is flowing. When more people will be awake or awakening, it starts to flow stronger.
John: Not awakening.
Q1: Right.
John: But an increase of givenness because of awakening to more, knowing more, and because of that, given more.
Q1: This knowing that you share with us is changing so much around. It sometimes feels like, maybe from my kids, my daughters, where I am now is the beginning of them. It’s just the beginning and it feels so, I don’t know how to describe it, it’s almost like there’s no way back to the human because of you, now, and maybe before there were more people that did that. You’re aware of the change you’re doing the planet?
John: I know how you have changed.
Q1: I cannot remember my self. But it always feels like the beginning of something, although I know so much more, it feels almost like, you spoke before about the frequency of, that comes because of the origination in the creation and change the creation because of this, or the effect of love. Is that what you say? That love is the vibration of, I quote you wrong, before?
John: Love is the life of life.
Q1: So it’s more the essence than the meaning?
John: The essence – and if you’re being it, the meaning.
Q1: So in between where we come from and later when we move. And something stops me now. Many people talk this week with you about the bond with you. I also did it before. And again stopped and I said okay, what to think again? What means, what is the meaning of bond? What is the real meaning of bond?
John: Intimate connectivity that has unseen form, present in your form, changes it.
Q1: So, the bond, it’s what happened during the connection while the connectivity is there. What’s left after? When I think about some friends I had in my high school or kids, many good friends and we had incredible bonds and sometimes I also called them and asked how they’re doing, and when I’m honest with my self, I say “what’s left with this for me now? It’s almost nothing. Or maybe there’s a part that I cannot understand, and I might meet it later on.” I’m asking because also with you, that there’s something, I said if I would not see John for one year now, or two years, what will be left and I understand the bond is something that I should make the connection and the conductivity. Maybe this is why I have the passion to call you now and raise my hand and connect with you, to refill the connection, to hold it up, to raise it up, to make it, to give it a life. What’s left? I understand that during the conductivity I have with you now, for example, in this connection, I moved inside because of it. I don’t know if I move you, but I, probably, I don’t know, we flow somewhere and it moves ??? I don’t know – what will be left later?
John: Being it, or not.
Q1: To be it one week later, you mean?
John: The bond that you have with your friends that you grew up with, if you’re in that bond, you move as that intimacy, that tenderness, that love, to those who you have no relationship to, seemingly no connection with, but as that love moves there’s instant connectivity.
Q1: What about situations that something’s not allow the flow in the bond? We do have in relationship, you know, times when things really cannot move between. Something still happened holding the bond, or it just start?
John: Only if you’re there. So instead of being your relationship, which activates your sense of self – lack, hope – you be in the bond that is there in your relationship: being in the bond, being that intimate connectivity instead of being your relationship.
Q1: Same like the flow.
John: You can believe that the relationship is yours: your relationship. You can be in a relationship while being your own, while you are being yours. But as soon as you’re in the bond, you are not your own; the bond has you. The intimate connectivity has you. When you’re being in the relationship instead of in the bond, because there you are being your own, you will have pleasure in your self or pain. You’ll move to protect your pleasures and to escape your pain.
Q1: I see it. I feel with you now, the bond with you strengthens the bond with my unseen part.
John: Your bond with anyone. Your intimate connectivity with anything and anyone feeds your bond with everything and everyone.
Q1: I try to see this part where we started today about “same same”, like the bond between creation and origination, or as you say, the dependency, even – yes, that’s what you say? So in every bond we will find the dependency.
John: Intimately dependent, together, on what you both come from: a partnership in givenness to what you really are and its natural flow even deeper within, that takes you right into what you come from. When your differences in being together are beautifully secondary to your intimacy together, then regardless of all of the differences, you love so much. The differences become a source of love’s humour.
Q1: Why? To make it more light you mean, or…
John: It does make it light. You won’t be into making it more light.
Q1: I see this blue in the light of you today. There’s some blue today. I don’t know if today, now. Once you told me it doesn’t really matter what we are talking about. It’s not that the subject will strengthen the force or make it stronger. It’s more the depth of the connection, or the intimacy we create.
John: Our intimacy. Our unheld-together love.
Q1: And by this it changes also the force or the colour of the rainbow. You always bring light. It’s not that, I don’t know, people speak with you a lot about the black and also you spoke about the black. I’m not sure I understand the black. I always see the light and the different colours of the light. It’s not that I feel badly, it just, I try to understand it in many ways that you’ve spoken, and I understand something about the rules of the two, the black and the white, and the night and the day. It’s something you need, but I’m not sure I have a relationship with you that includes something of the black.
John: Then you don’t need it. You be in what is intimately real to you.
Q1: I know what’s real. They also can see it. It’s become visible, even.
John: That’s because of the flow of the origin in you, which moves your being, which changes the level of your seeing, enabling you to see the unseen.
Q1: I also see the honesty, the density of existence. I understand that relaxation allows the potency to rise up, but then it becomes intense. Now I’m in intensity. I’m flow and in easement but I sit in density.
John: A child in its innocence wakes up aflow. That flow builds up in the body, in the mind, feelings, the emotion, the will and that innocent child you couldn’t hold back from doing something. It does because of the build-up of that flow. It’s changing their form which makes them want to move. A child in its innocence waking up in flow, as flow, isn’t going to meditate; it’s going to play.
Q1: Right.
John: It’s going to fill life with what it is. It isn’t a cognitive approach.
Q1: Yes. John, this understanding I get more and more. The other side of it makes me feel the responsibility I have because of it. Even when I go today to the clinic to work with people, I feel so differently the responsibility. Not as a heavy thing, so to refill my importance. Just because I understand the things I can do more, or the influence of what I’m doing. Can you say something about the responsibility? In the state of when I arrived in the flow, or around the area. Speak to me directly something about this feeling of responsibility. For example, someone calls me and wants to meet me in a day that normally I’m not coming, and in the time that is not easy, and now I feel much more to go there and I feel yes, I should be there. I should meet this person. I maybe can affect him, and I do it, and maybe other times of life I was more in my self and I moved there and also I understand that what I’m saying is very much powerful for many people, and I am passing through something inside me during the connection.
John: The flow will fulfill you being responsible, without responsibility being a weight to you. You’re not being responsible.
Q1: Right. Yeah, it’s not like the mission; it’s not like, you know, I go to do something, it’s more the understanding of the affection or effectivity, or… Somehow, maybe it connects to where we start. I feel wellbeing when I’m unique, unique but in the real way in the possibility to move with people, to make them change as well, or to change with them. I don’t know. I love this feeling I have, but I take what you say; it’s the response of it. It’s not a responsibility of my self; it’s maybe, where I am now, it’s like to be responsible to use it right, to stay connected and honest to it.
John: When love anywhere moves, love everywhere responds. That can have the appearance of responsibility being carried or fulfilled.
Q1: It takes me like to feel that the planet really takes care of us but, and responsible for us, but not feeling a responsibility, or but does so much for us. John, when we stream now, me and you, I heard you spoke about that it’s coming more for the spirit. That’s what I understand, that it’s more in the spirit way, the spirit, something that means for me the heart, the conscious of the heart. Is it also a bridge between the spirit and the soul? It’s in between, or something? Does the spirit have a sentiment? Or more clear, more sharp, more…
John: When you, awareness, are relaxed you are in intimate connectivity all the way through, within, so as soon as you, awareness, are relaxed, your being fills your heart and moves your heart, and your spirit, a much deeper level of you, moves your being, in moving and filling your heart, which makes you want to do the way you are.
Q1: It sounds like an alchemy. Are we affecting the spirit by our heart? Can we charge it, can we change it for the future? No.
John: (Shakes head.)
Q1: Because it doesn’t need, actually. Or because we have no access to it
John: You are in, when you are relaxed, at a core level, you are unconsciously dependent on your being, dependent on what moves your being, which draws all of that up into your experience and you may not understand the source of your happiness that is there without any reason; it just makes you love more.
Q1: Can you say something, it’s almost like a first class question. Something about this being. It’s like a chip? It’s like, is it the part in us that translates or moves energy from the universe to us? This is the technology, because what I understand, we are not the being. We are something in between all of these parts. Maybe awareness and, we are not a being.
John: You are not the being. You are all of it. You are all of it, if you are relaxed.
Q1: The being changed?
John: No, just covered.
Q1: It’s private? I mean, there’s a stamp, a private stamp on the being?
John: A tiny little bit.
Q1: What makes a different tendency to each one? To love things differently, or, this is it about the difference?
John: To move within the whole of everything ever so slightly differently; which adds to the whole of everything.
Q1: Where does it go later, the being? What is the source of it? It goes to which level? The spirit is much higher than the being, yes? Than the being. The being is more the planet? It belongs to the planet? To the existence, more.
John: It’s the unseen realness of the universe, the unseen substance that is the life of the universe.
Q1: This is so juicy now. So it’s also stands and be in contact with everything in the universe. It connects to the universe, somehow. It might bring influence from there to us?
John: Intimate togetherness.
Q1: Will we know it later, ??? the parts? Or it’s not the story. Will we have any contact with our being later on? Or only what we did with it influences us?
John: You will be your being. And it will show, in your being, the levels of choice that you made in your life. After you’ve died, when you meet another being that’s been here, you will intimately know what they were being in their life. Everything will intimately show.
Q1: You mean what they did in quality, in the depth, with their love. Also we’re going to see the ugly part?
John: The result of it.
Q1: What are the rules, or the engine, or the door, or whatever?
John: Awareness being in relaxed alignment, within, at any personal cost.
Bye for now.
Q1: Thank you very much, John, for you. Thank you very much.