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February 27, 2020 8:00 pm

The Innermost: Real Supply of Direct Life to Your Self

“Once you fall asleep, you are not in what you really are anymore. Once you fall asleep, you are in your conscious and subconscious self. You will be dealing with the underside of your self in your sleep. That time is not less in the substance of your self than what you are familiar with in your day.”

  • What is oneness? One cohesive flow from what you first are into your forms
  • Formless and not limited to form: authentic surrender without any split
  • Real knowledge: the more deeply you know within, the less you are knowing something
  • When noticing and the witness fall away, you are just you being you
  • A reset to the real you: dealing with the underside of your self in your sleep
  • A very real and nurturing letting go: devoid of your existence, in your day

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Bhakti D.

VOD of the Month!

“It is beyond a dream but not beyond you.” An awe-inspiring teaching from 2009, packed with the immense opportunity we have right now, as the deep presses in, to enter the mysteries of being in this world and become the kind of self that can enter what is greatly ahead of our time.