Autumn Online Intensive – 3 Interactive Live Streams a day, October 6 – 12, 2020

January 11, 2020 7:15 pm

The Healing Streams of Deeper Sexuality

“Deeper sexuality cleans by virtue of what it is – it’s clean. It’s clean of all attraction and aversion. It cleans you of attraction and aversion, not in sexuality, but as your deeper sexuality moves, it cleans everything.”

  • A simple equation: being in the part that is clear without reference to difficulty
  • Not stopping where the equation is interesting or pleasing
  • The witness: gone in, or becoming the spiritual smart, ever-so-important witness
  • Entrance to a magical field of streams: delicately personal, beautifully without individuality
  • Sexuality no longer categorized: How your deeper sexuality moves and cleans everything
  • Your deeper sexuality is your being moving your hormonal sexuality

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Simon S., Samantha S.

A magical conversation that reveals in intricate detail how, as we’re moved, given and remain taken by the beyond we know, we can become a celestial being: a spirit person all here in this world.