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December 3, 1999 7:00 pm

The Germinator

“When you love what you know, that automatically pulls you into being what you know, so there’s no distance between your whole heart and what it is that you know. There’s no separation between the heart and reality, between your heart and your innermost, and the two get to be one.”


* Classic VOD

  • Seeds of reality originating from your innermost are touched, awakened and grow
  • Foreign to the mind; “why?” displaces the flow; there’s no reality in doubt
  • The pull of manifested reality on the unmanifest: I am the germinator!
  • Consciousness rooted in the familiar is threatened by uncontrollable newness
  • Turning into a touch of being, moving as newness; the familiar becomes alive
  • Surface accomplishments are now nothing to you; not using life to fill you
  • Flowing in the bond between the little and the much; the thirsty heart and the ocean
  • Honesty of consciousness, the falling apart; living the realization of why you’re here

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VOD Duration: 46 Minutes