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February 26, 2020 10:00 am

The Changing Speeds of Development: From Being a Being to Being Spirit

“As soon as you’re stepping into being spirit, there’s nothing there that has developed, so you’ll be clueless, inept spirit. But the speed of what is developmental is immeasurably faster than in being a being.”

  • Your history on the planet isn’t there in you being a being
  • I’m doing the future of you, being a being to you
  • I see parts-per-million in people and I move with that, regardless of anything else
  • What it means to grow up in an environment lacking in love
  • Being a being in the midst of your senses
  • I meet with a whole, complete individual, invisible and alien to the individual that’s there
  • In being a being, words give you future-being substance

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