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May 17, 2021 7:30 pm

Tenderly Tethered to the Real: Freed from the Leash-holders

“Outside of the real, the leash holders are in power. Outside of the real, you are theirs. The leash holders don’t matter. All of the leashes on you don’t matter. All that matters in you is the real.”
Dialogue 1

  • Being with a baby and raising a child: stay with the unknown real
  • All that is learned and grows is on the terms of the unknown

Dialogue 2

  • Leash-holders own and control self-oriented awareness
  • The power of entities to master your self and what matters to you
  • Worldly life is prison life, including all spirituality in your self
  • Being real, in your deepest heart, they are unable to master you

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VOD Duration: 105 Minutes