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December 31, 2020 11:00 am

Sensitized to the Intimacy of Meaning: The Absolute Distillation of You

“The seeping of intimacy up into the surface will manifest in feeling, thought. It has movement in your self, but it’s only a real listening within that doesn’t, through the use of will, push additional meaning into it.”

* Online Interactive Livestream

  • Intimacy has no view: it’s all-encompassing, connective substance
  • Sensitized to the intimacy of meaning; cleaned of personal sovereignty
  • Being intimacy in your circumstances; re-magnetizing to the real
  • The hands of intimacy are delicate and tiny
  • The power and clarity of intimacy’s precision
  • Givenness and moving as something other, which resumes your life
  • The absolute distillation of you; the condensation of your self and life

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VOD Duration: 78 Minutes

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