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January 6, 2020 2:00 pm

Returning the Inner Victim to Innocence

“If you’re being what you really are, giving form to it by being that in your living, there isn’t anything in your self, outside of your self, others, this world, circumstances, that can separate you. It requires no protection, no defense. In Auschwitz, or Disneyland, you are quietly free.”

  • Is there a connection between being sexually abused as a child and loss of innocence?
  • For a child in its innocence, there is no difference
  • Core relaxation frees you in the midst of your conditioning
  • Anyone who leaves their innocence becomes a victim of this world
  • Every judgment is a marriage and whatever you marry moves you
  • View everything as your womb, finding sameness
  • Sexually abused or made-love-to, you move as a being

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