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April 5, 2020 12:00 pm

Purity of Heart: The Quiet Walk of a Story-Free Life

“Purity of heart is that not even for your life will you move to save your self. Love can have your self and you won’t do anything to save your self. It’s a quiet walk. There’s no story in such a walk. The stories all end. You’ll have no stories about circumstances, no stories about others, and no stories about your self.”

  • False compassion and true compassion: really helping someone isn’t about your self
  • If anyone wants love from you, don’t move; listen from the quietude within
  • Any kind of performance orientation is a corruption in your self
  • Flow of givenness: entrusting your self to what you are in response to
  • When you no longer have issues and stories, the leash-holders no longer have anything in you
  • When you trust you’re giving over your autonomy to what you know is more

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