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January 9, 2021 7:30 pm

Purity of Heart: The Finest Jewel, Shining in All Pressure

“What matters the most to me in life is for me to be more delicate, more tender than ever before in everything – in the big things, in the little things.”



* Online Interactive Livestream

  • What is purity of heart? It shines the most under pressure and in the fire
  • The door is wide open: all “yes” to your deeper interior at any personal expense
  • At home in weakness; the truth has no power except the power you give it
  • Humanness: delicateness, tenderness, dearness, kindness
  • John speaks of what matters most to him in life
  • Dearness is a tiny movement of beingness, the connectivity of love
  • Existing as a being in your self, in life, regardless of anything

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VOD Duration: 106 Minutes