Join us for Free Interactive Live Streams on Sundays

Please Note: We change to Daylight Savings Time in Edmonton this Sunday, March 14 at 2am

March 15, 2020 7:15 pm

Permeated by the Connectivity of Our Online Grid

“On the surface we’re all meeting together on a digital platform. For the real that’s within this platform, for that to manifest within on the surface where you are, your deeper levels need to come into the surface in a way that is different from what you’re used to in meetings, different from what you’re used to in your life.”

* Online Interactive Meeting

  • Coming into a perspective that, for you, you would be in in a hundred years
  • Not crossing levels: having a high level of respect for the virus
  • Everything that came so easily in meetings can come right into this format of your life
  • A super being functioning in a normal body
  • How to be in the online meetings: don’t be casual, don’t take a back seat
  • An unseen opportunity in the midst of this world situation
  • A deeper level of seeing informing your subtle mind, giving you a greater capacity of caregiving

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