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January 24, 2021 7:30 pm

Passing Through the Dark Nights: A Return to Being Quietude of Love

“In passing through the dark night, just the first one, all inner dialogue ends, and with that all of the stories of your self and others. All of the stories of your life end, regardless of what your self has been, regardless of what you’ve gone through in your self, and regardless of how others treat you.”


  • The dark nights: not dangerous, but deadly to your sense of self
  • Only nothing makes it through; walking alone without self company
  • The first, severe, compulsory dark night: all self-oriented meaning dies
  • From a bitter mouth to a kind, gentle mouth; words taken over by the quietude of love
  • The return to being nobody and nothing; the quietude of love
  • What is motherhood? Romanticized or actual goldenness
  • How easily your feelings can be hurt tells you what you really are

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VOD Duration: 109 Minutes
Rachel S., Willow S.