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November 3, 2019 7:00 pm

Map of Meaning: Your Living Body of Code

“What makes it all work is your embodiment of the truth you know. Your embodiment of the codes; as you embody these codes, all of these codes form together like a map. The map functions like a living body. It’s alive. It’s not separate from all of your deeper bodies. As you embody what you know, in all of your body you are that map.”

  • A level, able to connect and see into rays of light coming in from your future
  • Passing through a level of dying: old unnecessary ways of your self passing away
  • A map coming together in your body: your body of being
  • When you are in this deep, inner restedness, those in control have nothing on you
  • Hacked into direct knowledge of how to connect and move, all of it beyond your self
  • These are map words; keep drinking and your map keeps growing

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