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July 2, 2019 2:00 pm

Love’s Silent Reach Into a World of Illusion

“The silent beauty in it is that all forms of separation and illusion have their actual dependency on what is before everything. It’s what makes separation and illusion and all of its forms actually not sustainable.”

  • ‘Here’ and ‘there’, joined
  • What makes separation and illusion not sustainable
  • ‘The battle’, projected onto forms of nurturing nothingness, has nothing
  • The equation of love having presence in the midst of forms of separation
  • There’s no love like love in a fight
  • Tipping point development: when all of your levels become seen to you

De lamination of Present Reality/ The Advent of True Shock to this present world

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July 14, 2019

Actualization of the
“Known”, not necessarily yet materialized but profoundly the recognized in its efficacy, it’s nature is revealed in intimate invitation of resonance of the “It” surpassing the confines of imagination and newly defining “Reach” into possibility never before experienced as or seen as being manifested as form in past or present existence. Profoundly True but beyond recognition or the ability of imagination by this present reality” Now available at a station near you 🤔❤️”
Changing what change was, changing what change is, defining without providing grasp of understood definition of previous capacity to give the comfort of definition, beautifully giving what capacity becomes within; moving in and to true disintegration within profound momentum without the possibility of old form recovering…..into present reality creating the Profound here from there, here, changing….there and inviting us all here into what is next, yet for most unseen: yet has always been in intimate existence.
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Valerie O.