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May 3, 2020 11:00 am

Living Without Closure: The Heaving of Your Subconscious, The Healing of “Self-Sickness”

“If you don’t know what a dream is, don’t conclude. If a dream deeply affects you, don’t conclude. Don’t conclude what you don’t know. Concluding what you don’t know feeds those entities. They need you to conclude what you don’t know. Your sense of self and your identity need you to conclude what you don’t know. Your sense of self is dependent on closure.”

* Interactive Online Meeting

  • Entities getting energy from you, creating concern and fear so that you revert to your self
  • Gentled and quieted: they can’t do anything with that, and when they go through withdrawal they attack
  • As soon as the falsehood ends in your self, the leash-holders are losing
  • They will use your thoughts, will and emotion to get you to give power to a false sense of self
  • No longer barricading your subconscious: your self is just the tip of the iceberg
  • The change doesn’t start in your self, it starts in you; the little you know is everything

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