Autumn Online Intensive – 3 Interactive Live Streams a day, October 6 – 12, 2020

Sunday Oct. 18, 7:30PM – If you have not yet received the link

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September 27, 2020 7:30 pm

Levels of Oneness Location: The Real Meaning of Proximity

“Closeness matters. Closeness to what you know, closeness to the deepest in you. And you following that through in however way that may move, right into the surface and into your life. In that way, proximity is manifestation of your response to direct knowledge. When there isn’t a separation between you and knowledge, distance doesn’t make a difference.”
* Online Interactive Meeting

  • The deeper levels of the personal are not limited by space or time
  • No distance: it is in a physical way, because you are in a body.
  • In being what you know, you realize the absence of limitation to time
  • Natural law holds you to the surface, until you are ready to be what is deeper within
  • Being and moving in a way that is unrestricted by physical law
  • Taken by innermost flow: the deeper levels of your senses coming to life
  • Able to think from within ‘cat’; you can be anything that has been or will be


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October 7, 2020

Thank you John, thank you wonderful woman!


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September 30, 2020

This was and is and is to come. Thank you for this John.

Debbie H.

VOD of the Month!

“It is beyond a dream but not beyond you.” An awe-inspiring teaching from 2009, packed with the immense opportunity we have right now, as the deep presses in, to enter the mysteries of being in this world and become the kind of self that can enter what is greatly ahead of our time.