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March 8, 2021 7:30 pm

Letting Tenderness Have You: Deeper Heart-Love-Yum-Yum

“What makes a real difference is you moving about within and on the outside with tenderness and without expectation. As you do you will melt, and as you melt you’ll see differently – and you’ll love what you see.”


  • Pressure is produced by a sense of self, not by others or circumstance
  • Living from your deepest heart; everything is included in love’s way
  • Like a spider at play: it’s all fine lines and tightropes; at home in your love
  • Speak from your deeper heart; no one needs to see or understand you
  • Your decisions don’t matter much; your deepest heart tells you the truth
  • Lean into tenderness: deeper heart love yum-yum; listen to her, believe her
  • When you’re nurturingly at home with need of nothing, love will live

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VOD Duration: 111 Minutes
James G., Sean H., Andrea G.