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April 1, 2020 12:00 pm

John Speaks of The Magical Secret In His Living

“Hear the value of the little. Let the value of the little ring in you before all else. If the littlest lives, all of the rest lives. If the littlest doesn’t live all of the big that you’ve awakened to isn’t really there.”

* Interactive Online Meeting

  • Shifting to the nurture within, on the fly, in your life, matters more than your awakening
  • Absorbed and absorbing what’s opening in you; not stopping to look
  • ‘In-life follow through’ of what you directly know naturally follows through into more
  • If you’re fulfilling the simplest truth, you will fulfill the rest of the truth
  • Analogy of the farm and feeding the chickens first
  • The secret to the river is in the drops and in the melting
  • Pure awareness is absolute adaptability even in the hardest experience

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VOD Duration: 112 Minutes