August Online Intensive – 3 Interactive Live Streams a day, August 26 – September 1

July 20, 2020 11:00 am

Invited Into the Realm of the Unknown

“What matters is being unconditioned devotion to what you know, and it doesn’t need to register in your self. That means that the unknown is free to have you; that you’re signed-in to the truth that you directly know even if all of that is in the unknown.”
* Online Interactive Meeting

  • Closing the gap between what you’re being and what you know
  • Enjoying what you’re in response to in the most meaningless things
  • Letting what you’re responding to unconditionally partake of you
  • Transferring to the womb of the beyond; a soul transfer
  • Individuality in the unknown is known by invitation and absolute intimate transparency
  • Dying to your life light, self light; all that remains is unknown you light.

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Leala E.