November 1, 2019 7:00 pm

Holding Hands In a Split

“A part of you wants to be honest, likes being honest, and another part of you doesn’t want to be. It’s like there are two of you – awareness split in half. The one that enjoys and loves honesty and responds to what it knows, holding hands with this other one that’s dragging its feet. But the two are always holding hands.”

  • Being in your pregnancy: what your genetics, core beliefs and illusion won’t survive
  • Physical pain in the birthing process is like an awakening
  • Parenting: showing your child by example, what you and him are in this life for
  • Honesty within brings you back into your first love
  • Freely taken by your love, the ‘grumpy one’ starts to be happily taken by you
  • How to help a child struggling with addictions: quiet intimacy in the midst of everything

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Karin E., Nevo L., Lila L.