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October 8, 2020 11:00 am

Given to Unknown Intimacy: Human Beingness Changed by Celestial Light

“The celestial isn’t anything other than the celestial. As it fills your body, as it fills your self, as it fills into the world, it isn’t anything other than celestial, but it is all about everything that’s before that, that it isn’t yet. The celestial turning into what is before the celestial: the ancient.” 
* Online Interactive Meeting

  • Sentimentalism, and its origin as a fruit of being
  • Aflow in intimacy that burns, exposing and cleaning your self
  • The flow of the sexual fields and their secrets: your real love education
  • The invitational touch of the celestial and your only access
  • The celestial becomes sentimental: the outermost form of its glory
  • This converts your sexuality from caterpillar sexuality to butterfly sexuality
  • The beyond: still of beingness, the celestial, the ancient, spirit

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VOD Duration: 116 Minutes