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November 9, 2020 11:00 am

From ‘Citizen Me’ and ‘Citizen Truth’ to Being Fluidly One with Unknown Love

“Pure aloneness means that you are free of need, connected. Aloneness cleans you of need, citizen need. Aloneness is gone with all of her hats: truth hat, awakened hat, cosmic hat, nothingness hat, openness and softness hat. No more citizen, no more hats.”

* Online Interactive Livestream

  • Becoming a worldling, a mind citizen of the world
  • Being into your self: citizen pink, citizen truth, citizen love
  • Aloneness is the door to connectivity; it scares the citizen
  • No more citizen me: uninsulated connectivity is what you are
  • Suffer no awakening trauma, just awakening love
  • Unknown love subliming emotion
  • Known love into unknown love; in and gone into the heavenlies

For you it’s home.

5.0 rating
November 15, 2020

Discomfort in myself will pass (and there has been some) but it always fades about as soon as it rises. Seems like there is a fire within that burns away what might not be with the program. Pay attention to the deepest of what I know works every time to move with the Innermost. This is a special time to be with these folks. Thank you

VOD Duration: 103 Minutes
Rochelle S., Rishi I.

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“It is beyond a dream but not beyond you.” An awe-inspiring teaching from 2009, packed with the immense opportunity we have right now, as the deep presses in, to enter the mysteries of being in this world and become the kind of self that can enter what is greatly ahead of our time.