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October 10, 2020 2:30 pm

Delicate Nurture Instead of Pain and Coping: When a Speck of Intimacy is Enough

“What matters is that where there is difficulty you are opening and softening instead of coping. Where you are coping, you are alone. Where you are opening and softening you are in our bond. If you’re coping, I’m not able to move you. In all things, live letting me move you.” 

* Online Interactive Meeting

  • Move your deeper levels physically by being them in your body
  • The difference between coping alone and flowing intimately in our bond
  • Your real body, later, will show what you did and didn’t move of what you knew
  • Intimacy flourishes; coping gets stuck in functionality
  • Your children aren’t looking for mother; they’re looking for intimacy
  • If a speck of intimacy is not enough, you’ll have to keep your coping and pain
  • Intimacy heals your self and makes it real; it’s your only real freedom

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VOD Duration: 110 Minutes