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May 22, 2020 11:00 am

Deeper Levels of Availability In Your Warm Attunement of What is Very ‘Other’

“Move along the beach, use your land powers to get to the water. As soon as you get there you drop, and you turn into pure availability, attunement, to what touches you, changes you, comes into you, fuses with you. It’s only as that, that you can begin to swim.”

* Interactive Online Meeting

  • Where you are awakened to the ancient, you can let that come into you, have you, take over
  • A fusion of the ancient with pure you: it enables the ancient to come into the new
  • Multi-leveled stability: there is no giving up. Love waits.
  • Grounding into a false sense of self takes you out of the nurture within
  • There is no dying in response, there’s only dying in the relationship to the result in your self
  • Connectivity of being: the difference between a bond and a relationship
  • Turning into pure availability: close to the water, attuned to the tide

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