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February 27, 2020 10:00 am

Dealing with Loss and Illness

“When you have concern inside, you’re being self-occupied concerning something that matters, but in the concern you are magnifying in your experience how much it matters. Within the concern you are in a bit of a boil about it, instead of just quietly being and doing whatever it is that’s clear. No stories around it: it’s all uneventful.”

  • It requires no attention to be free of distraction
  • Living being married to the tiniest smile within changes your self and your life
  • The various ways of grounding in your self, a dynamic grounding that isn’t real
  • Not being self-occupied with concern or stories about your health
  • Going to sleep in various disease and loss meditations
  • What it would be like, for most people, to be in John’s body for a day
  • John on his awakening: “As soon as I wondered, I knew.”

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