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March 22, 2020 12:00 pm

COVID-19: Organic Planet, A Life Changing Cleanse

“This virus coming up in the way that it is, is really our doing. So it’s an organic cleanse. It’s produced by us and it brings us back into balance.”

* Interactive Online Meeting

  • The opening of the male, the man, into his deeper levels
  • Without you being given to this other within, this other within has no life
  • The greatest external condition for this other to thrive from, is a planetary change
  • Awareness alone is awareness reduced to what it first is
  • Consciously being the same as and turning into what made you
  • An unknown kind of love, far deeper than human love, fulfilling the face of your humanness
  • Being patient means you’re hopeful • Back to zero: being nobody and nothing

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