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March 15, 2020 2:00 pm

COVID-19: Having Depth Perspective in the Midst of a Shock Event

“The invitation that’s present within this extreme worldwide event is to relate to something that’s other than what affects our selves: other than fear, other than hope, other than survival. There’s the invitation to quietly realize, within, in a way that’s new, and it stands on its own.”

* Online Interactive Meeting

  • Truth going viral: a depth of knowledge in the vertical governing anything concerning the horizontal
  • Having a depth okayness and depth perspective in the midst of an extreme worldwide event
  • Everything that takes place in your experience is going to feed your orientation as awareness
  • From fear and concern to inner wellbeing: having your death warmly in your heart
  • The opportunity is enormous: what this shock event really offers
  • Instead of being on the surface problem-oriented, instant solution-oriented
  • An example of all levels moving quickly together: John speaks of a past quad accident

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VOD Duration: 60 Minutes