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November 8, 2018 2:00 pm

Building with Meaning in Relationship and the Opening of Your Blueprint

“In a real relationship, it’s about having a depth of understanding between the two of you of what matters more than your selves, and that your whole relationship is of that level of meaning. That makes the relationship not subject to inner weather. You’re there to build in a depth of meaning together regardless of the weather.”

“When the reason for the universe enters you, enters you as consciousness, comes right into your awareness, that’s like the universe starting all over again, but in you and in your body. It’s like the big bang happening in you. How much will that change everything?”

  • What is the ground for real relationship?
  • Dearness and nurtureful connectivity
  • How to build together with meaning
  • Crown chakra, the 7th level of meaning, opening
  • Letting in the reason for the universe
  • A substance that is beyond your being
  • The Big Bang happening in you

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