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September 5, 2020 7:30 pm

AUDIO 383 – The Kiss of Unknown Love: Magical You, Revealed

“You were born to be, here, what you have come from, and to journey back consciously before you die. Nothing is in the way. Anything that you think you have come into and want to keep in a self-created manner – that is in your way.”

  1. Authenticity Without a Map: The Door to the Magical – September 5 Eve, 2020
  2. Moving Through the Black: From Human to Celestial, to the Ancient and Beyond – September 21 Morn, 2020
  3. Taken by Unknown Intimacy: The Revelation of Magical You – September 21 Eve, 2020
  4. Levels of Oneness Location: The Real Meaning of Proximity – September 27 Eve, 2020
  5. Truly Weightless: Empowering The Vortex of Love’s Evolution – October 26 Morn, 2020

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Linda V., Debra K., Zaba W., Debbie H., Oren B.