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December 29, 2020 11:00 am

AUDIO 382 – As A Moth to the Flame: Taken Into the Origin of You

“You just might turn into what you were before you came into a body, and what that will be in perhaps 10,000 years, a million or at all after you’ve died; what you are before you came into a body, coming here into terrible impossibility, brings this so close to you, so close that you might even just go in, like a moth to the fire.”


  1. Touching into the Origin – December 29 Morn, 2020
  2. Being the Magicalness of Matter – December 29 Morn, 2020
  3. The Origin of Everything: Beyond a Being of Light – January 1 Morn, 2021
  4. A Moth Gone into the Flame: Taken by What is Beyond – January 3 Aft, 2021
  5. Fulfilling The Unknown: John Speaks of His Development – January 4 Eve, 2021
  6. Purity of Heart: The Finest Jewel, Shining in All Pressure – January 9 Eve, 2021

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Philip B., Rishi I., Orna D., Valerie O., Lucy T.