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October 8, 2020 11:00 am

AUDIO 381 – Will You Come To The Banquet? Subsumed Into The Unknown You Know

“As the river takes you and is able to have your self and your life, the more that it takes you out into your life, the more that it also takes you back. As it gets to have you, you are gifted with everything that it is. As it gets to have you, you get to have it.”



  1. Given to Unknown Intimacy: Human Beingness Changed by Celestial Light – October 8 Morn, 2020
  2. Taken by the Three Great Rivers of Pre-existence Right into Your Self and Into Your Life – October 10 Morn, 2020
  3. Welcome to the Banquet: Naturally Subsumed by the Magical Without A Sense of Loss – October 12 Aft, 2020
  4. Taken Over By The Absolute: When Awareness Isn’t Awareness Anymore – October 12 Eve, 2020

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Esperanza O., Noga P., Ernst vM., Sally R.