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June 30, 2020 2:30 pm

AUDIO 379 – From Individuality to Intimacy: Stark Aloneness Marrying the Truth Within

“You have only the time in your life here to know, to realize, to be, and to become. And then you die. It’s a short time. The importance of being here in a body, in a self, doesn’t come from your body, your self, your genetics, the development of any of that, and your life. The importance of being here in all of that resides in you. You’re here to be what you are after you’ve died, but while you live, in the midst of levels and levels of physicalized environment that isn’t like you.”



  1. Losing Your Middle Ground – The Terror and the Love – June 30 Aft, 2020
  2. First Light of Knowledge: Unconditionally Given to the Resonance of the Unknown – June 30 Eve, 2020
  3. Celestial Emergence Opening Natural Law, Taking Over Your Form and Your Function – July 2 Morn, 2020
  4. The Ultimate Surrender: Subsumed by Celestial Intimacy – The Revelation of You – July 4 Morn, 2020
  5. From a Personalized Mind to the Greater Mind of Consciousness – July 4 Aft, 2020
  6. Super Soul Development: The Truth Within is Enough – July 5 Morn, 2020

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