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August 24, 2019 11:00 am

AUDIO 366 – The Balancing of the Powers, The Marriage of Everything

“Face to face with what you know but what is wonderfully impossible for your self. To go further, the way is new and different. Love knows it and it’s only love that has found it.”


  1. The Marriage of Existence and Pre-existence: The Promise Fulfilled – August 24, Morn
  2. Letting Knowledge Punctuate Your Self – August 26, Morn
  3. And Then There Is The Black… – August 27, Morn
  4. The Unveiling Of The Glory That Only Love Knows – August 28, Morn
  5. The Resonant Promise of ‘Her’ – August 28, Aft

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Leala E., Susan K., Valerie O., Leilah S.A., Zaba W.