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June 6, 1998 7:00 pm

An Evening with John de Ruiter in Maui

“Right at the core you can be okay or you can be not okay. You could open or you could close. You could soften or you could harden. You could hang on at that core place, or you could let go. Those are the only two ways of being that exist, and there’s no middle road. And what is really wonderful is that, within each moment, it’s your choice.”


* Classic VOD

  • John’s awakening, and later experience of its loss
  • The blossoming of reality; the completeness of his surrender
  • Extreme discomfort; massive openings with no need to understand
  • Participating intimately with the essence of everything
  • How he moves in dialogues: a love-dance of being, giving himself away
  • What it really means to be “in the moment”; structures of distortion
  • The tiniest pull to surrender: okay or not okay; it’s your choice

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VOD Duration: 65 Minutes

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