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February 21, 2021 1:45 pm

A Zoom Café Conversation – February 21, 2021

In the Jewel café, we enjoyed community connections and conversations with John in an intimate setting, supporting the developments in meetings. Now we have the Zoom Café! Enjoy this VOD from a recent café conversation with John.
“You can be absolutely clueless of the bigger picture, clueless of the imbalance in the unseen, while greatly contributing to the balance in the midst of a whole life that is painful, full of suffering, not holding well together, not working for one’s self, but quietly aflow in it all.”

  • Transition; memory of every microchoice; wiped clean of self-orientation
  • Placement after you die; you return to neutral buoyancy, your place in the ocean
  • Making choices: what matters is whether you’re moving from your deeper heart
  • Evolution or devolution: all are perfect love, but not at the same level
  • Oneness isn’t a oneness of mind; it’s a oneness of flow
  • A further purpose: unwittingly being a contributor of balance in the unseen

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VOD Duration: 31 Minutes
Ron D., Christine D., Ganga T., Eva M.M., Gabriella M., Tali R.