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February 14, 2021 1:45 pm

A Zoom Café Conversation – February 14, 2021

In the Jewel café, we enjoyed community connections and conversations with John in an intimate setting, supporting the developments in meetings. Now we have the Virtual Zoom Café! Enjoy this VOD from a recent café conversation with John.
“For you to be a living flow of “yes” to the real, in the midst of anything, that may take you a year of never using “no,” never pulling out of a situation. You’re in the midst of anything and everything to realize what you flow as “yes” to, that is there in the situation, even though it may be almost nothing.”

  • Deeper sexuality: anything is welcome, and you are “yes” to the real
  • However little, you’ll always find the needle in the haystack – the real
  • Living being available to what is before existence
  • Be intimate in the midst of any environment: it’s really you
  • Not saying “no” for a whole year; learning to move by saying “yes”
  • Like a baby underwater: a smiling, innocent, open-eyed flow of “yes”

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VOD Duration: 29 Minutes
Leanne H., Hedwig B., Dina. C.