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April 23, 2020 11:00 am

A Truth Virus that Your Psyche and the World Won’t Survive

“For you to lose, for you to release all of your artificial awareness you would go through a truth psychosis. It would turn the whole of your artificial sense of reality upside down. It would turn it inside out. For the slightest micro-holding within, for awareness within the mind, the psyche, the self and the world, this is unbearable. And because of that, the artificiality of awareness recovers.”

  • Recognizing the fundamental instability that’s inherent to the world
  • Awareness released away from artificial, distorted and caged awareness
  • Real awareness: awareness that is brought right into consciousness
  • A re-installment of artificial awareness in the midst of truly knowing and seeing
  • When you die, you are in for a surprise; you will really know and see all
  • The speed and momentum of illusion slowing down in your interior

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