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April 9, 2020 4:30 pm

A Return to Innocence: Cleaned, Healed and Still

“Each level outwards that you are being that innocence involves greater and greater levels and depths of innocence, until your forms all turn into that. That’s you embodying what you really are, right out into your life.”

* Interactive Online Meeting

  • You returning to love will make your self sick, and after that your self will heal
  • Love that has a self, instead of a sense of self and a sense of individuality having a self
  • Parts-per-million: it’s meant to be the whole of everything; that’s real life
  • Being your clarity throughout your self and at work, until your self changes
  • Pain no longer making a difference to you; what you really are is openness
  • Having need of nothing while the newness you come into moves in you like a virus

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