January 26, 2020 7:15 pm

A Merciless Journey That Only Love Can Make

“You know enough to go the way, the whole way. It is a merciless journey that only love can make. It’s only in a body that you have the traction of difficulty and impossibility; just enough to make it through, because you will lose all. The traction is in your self, in your body that is yours that takes you into the beyond.”

  • An Other kind of relating flooding the interior of your face
  • ‘She’ will be as in as you are; ‘her’ rest, ‘her’ peace is all in your completeness
  • The littlest touch of complete but real separation through which you come to know you
  • Coming out from your existence: the contrast that speaks first in pain and suffering
  • The opportunity and the gift: you need to be the whole of you
  • Grace alone in what is absolutely merciless reveals you

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Isabelle A., Michael W.