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January 26, 2020 7:15 pm

A Merciless Journey That Only Love Can Make

“You know enough to go the way, the whole way. It is a merciless journey that only love can make. It’s only in a body that you have the traction of difficulty and impossibility; just enough to make it through, because you will lose all. The traction is in your self, in your body that is yours that takes you into the beyond.”

  • An Other kind of relating flooding the interior of your face
  • ‘She’ will be as in as you are; ‘her’ rest, ‘her’ peace is all in your completeness
  • The littlest touch of complete but real separation through which you come to know you
  • Coming out from your existence: the contrast that speaks first in pain and suffering
  • The opportunity and the gift: you need to be the whole of you
  • Grace alone in what is absolutely merciless reveals you

Not impossible – because of genuine response from my deep.

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August 27, 2020

Sometimes I think my response is to weak and won’t really do anything of much value. That is not the case in truth as long as it comes from the place that is not to show off my glorious spiritual capacities… which is rather ridiculous if you really think about it ! True response comes from my place of juicy fortitude… not sure which organ that is but it is ! This is what makes it possible for me to follow you in this in fact John. What is possible and impossible are limits imposed by my human mind and it really does not know ! True response is our sap and strength we give. Thank you John .

All for the deepest majesty within to come forth.

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May 24, 2020

The littlest touch might not sound like much but I have the notion that it is the beginning of a new and wonderous adventure for this being and the beyond on this planet ! What a blessing this video is.

Isabelle A., Michael W.

A magical conversation that reveals in intricate detail how, as we’re moved, given and remain taken by the beyond we know, we can become a celestial being: a spirit person all here in this world.