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Rated 5 out of 5
April 13, 2020 10:00 am

A Higher Frequency of Vibration, An Entrance to The Kingdom Within

“If you so clearly, cleanly stop partaking of your self, stop eating of like and dislike, it will take you perhaps forty days to be cleaned, to go through what you’ll go through in about three minutes when you die. Forty days is fast. A slow motion, forty-day perishing of all artificial meaning, all held-together meaning stored in your body that’s been made one with your nervous system.”

* Interactive Online Meeting

  • When the self is the centre: self referencing turning into a multi-levelled addiction
  • Great depths of you are drawn when you are gentled and quieted in the midst of cost
  • Being the vibrational difference between your self and this world, and what you really are
  • If you are being your self, the great iceberg survives: majestic, powerful and resistant
  • The kingdom within is opened locationally in your system. If you live it, it will spread
  • Let all higher and lower vibration take apart your sense of self, with you being still

The Great Most Quiet Change of Everything !

Rated 5 out of 5
April 16, 2021

“Let this take me apart” are about the best words I’ve heard in decades ! Holding myself together according to my or anyone else’s idea is just silly. But I do it everyday when I stop and think about it. The coming apart and cleaning of myself is an essential to continuing any further here. Being put back together to suit the Deep…I know it’s all true ! Speaking from my heart I’ve been separate from this for to long already ! Need to gentle an anguished heart ? Watch this meeting…Thank you John

Derek, Philip B., Julliette H., Ally